Tips for Promoting your Demio Webinar using Social Media

No one should miss your demio webinar if you promote it on social media. Everyone is on social media looking for friends, relatives, events of interest and social activities. For this reason, your demio webinar can get the huge following it deserves if you promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name but a few.

Demio Webinar

Tips for Promoting your demio webinar via Social Media
Invite your friends and followers on Facebook and twitter
Just send invitations to your friends on whichever social network you are on. Each social media platform has several features to help you send invitations. On Facebook, for instance, you just need to create an event with the name of your demio webinar and invite friends to it, just like you would invite them to your birthday party. Your friends will reply by either saying that they are interested, attending or not attending. Make sure that your invites are irresistible.

Tweet links to your demio webinars web page.
As you tweet and retreat, remember your demio webinars web page and promote it with your posts. Take advantage of hashtags to make your demio webinar go viral. As you tweet, ensure that the landing page of your webinar is smooth, otherwise the bounce rate will be very high. Ensure that the most useful links such as “register” are clearly visible. Additionally, whenever you tweet, pin your demio webinar-related tweets on your timeline, so that visitors to the timeline will see these tweets at the top of your timeline.

Take advantage of Google+ features.
Google+ has a lot of features that allow event organizers to reach their audiences in the most effective way. When you promote your webinar to your circles in Google+, the event is actually created on the calendar of the circle members. This constantly reminds them of the event.

Create an event on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn also allows you to create events and invite friends to attend. After creating an event, LinkedIn actually gives you a list of the list of attendees you may expect.

Don’t forget Pinterest.
As noted earlier, every social media has something to offer to a webinar promoter. On Pinterest, through the platform is mainly for sharing photos, you can still post promotional content on your demio webinar.

Cover photos.
Visuals are very useful in the marketing world. This said, you should use your cover photos to promote your demio webinar. People are always keen on the cover photos and you can be sure that most visitors to your timeline will check your cover photo. Ensure that it is as visually attractive as possible.

Don’t be dormant.
If you just create an event or cover photo of your demio webinar and imagine people will attend, you are lying to yourself. You have to comment, post on discussions and reply to messages to ensure that the message on the webinar remains on the audience’s hearts.

Remind people to attend.
Inviting people on social media is not enough. You have to remind them to attend the demio webinar, especially if you sent the invitations several weeks before the demio webinar.
All in all, it is quite easy to promote your webinar on social media platforms. You just need to be active on the social media platforms and drum information on your demio webinar into your audience’s minds with every post.